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3D Contracting designs, builds, and manages the construction of mixed-use office and commercial buildings. From parking garages, corporate and non-profit foundation headquarters to health spas, restaurants and luxury hotels, 3D brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of spec development, new construction, corporate expansions, renovations, and fit-outs.


3D Contracting works with development companies and end-users to build out interior spaces to accommodate retail sales and services. 3D achieves results for our clients that ultimately drive their business.


We have ben involved in the construction of several elementary schools in the Alpine School District.


3D Contracting has worked with several clients in multi-family residential projects, including duplexes, condominiums, and apartment complexes. 3D addresses the environment related issues and zoning regulations of building residential apartment complexes and condominiums. 

Custom Residential

With our high level of technical and design expertise, 3D Contracting has carved out a niche in the renovation and specialty market. These projects require intense coordination between craftsmen and designers. Decades of quality performance in this specialized field has resulted in recommendations by design professionals and repeat business from our customers.

Commercial & Retail


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North East Corner
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